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Amazon Web Services launches Amazon WorkMail

United States: Amazon Web Services (AWS) a clear leader in cloud computing market worldwide launched its email and calendar services –WorkMail. The product was introduced nearly a year before in a preview mode. Since its last year, the company has been working on multiple enhancements such as migration tool for a smooth move off of exchange as well as support clients that run on OS X including Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook.

The product is launched for enterprises and fits well with the other solutions such as WorkDocs –an enterprise storage and sharing services, WorkSpaces –a managed desktop computing services, QuickSight –a business intelligence services, and so on.

WorkMail runs on Cloud and works with client’s desktop/laptops and mobiles. The service is priced at $4 per user per month, providing 50GB of mailbox storage.

WorkMail is generally available in three AWS regions -US East, US West, and Europe.

According to the TechSci Research, Amazon Web Services is expanding its product portfolio and giving the option to the clients to leverage cloud computing services more extensively. The product WorkMail will compete with Google Apps for Work which leverage Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft O365 email services which is utilizing cloud services of Microsoft Azure.

TechSci Research depicts, that the Amazon Web Services which have the dominance in Cloud Computing market will be leveraging its existing client base, and it is expected that in the coming years WorkMail has the significant share in the AWS total revenue.

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