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Veterinary CRO Market to Grow with a CAGR of 8.23% through 2029

Rising demand for minimally invasive surgeries are expected to drive the Global Veterinary CRO Market in the forecast period 2025-2029

According to TechSci Research report, “Veterinary CRO Market– Global Industry Size, Share, Trends, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2029”, the Global Veterinary CRO Market was valued at USD 1.02 billion in 2023 and is anticipated to project robust growth in the forecast period with a CAGR of 8.23% through 2029.The Veterinary Contract Research Organization (CRO) Market is experiencing noteworthy growth, driven by various factors reshaping the landscape of animal health research and development worldwide. Veterinary CROs offer a diverse array of services to pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, and academic institutions engaged in veterinary drug, vaccine, and medical device development. These services encompass preclinical research, clinical trials, regulatory assistance, and post-market surveillance, all aimed at guaranteeing the safety, effectiveness, and regulatory compliance of veterinary products.

The primary impetus behind the Veterinary CRO Market's growth is the escalating focus on animal health and welfare, propelled by increasing rates of pet ownership and heightened demand for livestock goods. With consumers increasingly mindful of their pets' and livestock's health and well-being, there's a growing requirement for innovative veterinary products and therapies. Veterinary CROs play an integral role in facilitating the development and commercialization of such products by furnishing specialized expertise and infrastructure for preclinical and clinical research.

The globalization of the veterinary pharmaceutical sector and the alignment of regulatory standards are fostering demand for regulatory support services provided by Veterinary CROs. As veterinary products are developed and marketed across multiple regions, companies seek assistance in navigating intricate regulatory frameworks and securing market authorizations. Veterinary CROs offer regulatory consulting, dossier preparation, and submission support, aiding companies in expediting the regulatory approval process and market entry.

In essence, Veterinary Contract Research Organizations (CROs) are specialized entities offering research and development services to companies and institutions operating in the animal health sector. These organizations play a pivotal role in supporting the development and commercialization of veterinary products by providing expertise, infrastructure, and regulatory guidance. By ensuring the safety, efficacy, and regulatory adherence of veterinary products, Veterinary CROs contribute significantly to advancements in animal health and welfare.

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The Global Veterinary CRO Market is segmented into service type, animal type, application, regional distribution, and company.

Based on animal type, the Market is divided into dogs, cats and others. In 2023, dogs emerged as the dominant force in the market. This dominance stems from dogs' extensive history of companionship with humans, their versatility in roles such as therapy and service animals, and their innate loyalty and affectionate demeanor. Renowned for their social nature, dogs serve as fitting companions for families, individuals, and diverse lifestyles. Moreover, dogs often provide a sense of security and protection, thus earning esteemed positions within households. The wide array of available breeds caters to varied preferences, ranging from small lap dogs to large working breeds. Dogs' adaptability, companionship, and active participation in various human activities further bolster their dominance as the preferred pet choice over cats and other animals.

Based on application, the Market is divided into oncology, infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disease, others. Oncology dominated the Market in 2023.This is ascribed due the increasing prevalence of cancer worldwide, advancements in cancer research and treatment modalities, and substantial investments in oncology-focused healthcare initiatives. Moreover, the aging population, lifestyle factors, and environmental influences contribute to the rising incidence of cancer cases globally. Additionally, the development of targeted therapies, immunotherapies, and precision medicine approaches has revolutionized cancer treatment, improving patient outcomes and survival rates. Furthermore, the collaborative efforts between healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutions in oncology research and drug development have accelerated innovation and propelled Oncology to the forefront of medical specialties. Overall, the significant burden of cancer, coupled with ongoing advancements in research and treatment, solidifies Oncology's dominance in the medical field, shaping healthcare priorities and resource allocation worldwide.

Based on region, the Global Veterinary CRO Market is divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, Middle East & Africa. In 2023, North America emerged as the dominant force in the market, primarily attributed to its advanced healthcare infrastructure, substantial investments in research and development, and the formidable presence of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Furthermore, the region's rigorous regulatory standards, well-established veterinary healthcare system, and favorable reimbursement policies significantly bolster its market dominance. Additionally, North America hosts key players in the veterinary Contract Research Organization (CRO) industry and possesses extensive expertise in both preclinical and clinical research. These combined factors firmly establish North America as a frontrunner in the Global Veterinary CRO Market, attracting investments and propelling innovation in animal health research and development.

Major companies operating in Global Veterinary CRO Market are:

  • Charles River Laboratories, Inc
  • Clinvet International Pty Ltd.
  • Klifovet AG
  • Lohlein & Wolf Vet Research LLC
  • Oncovet Clinical Research
  • ONDAX Incorporation
  • Triveritas Group LLC.
  • Veterinary Research Management (VRM) Ltd
  • Vet Pharm, Inc.
  • Vetspen Srl.

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“Global Veterinary CRO Market include increasing pet ownership rates, rising demand for companion animal healthcare, and the growing prevalence of animal diseases. Advancements in veterinary medicine and biotechnology, coupled with the globalization of the veterinary pharmaceutical industry, are driving the need for specialized research and development services. The regulatory requirements for veterinary drug approval and the outsourcing trend in research and development further propel market growth. The emphasis on preventive healthcare and the development of innovative veterinary products contribute to the expansion of the Veterinary CRO Market, catering to the evolving needs of the veterinary healthcare sector” said Mr. Karan Chechi, Research Director with TechSci Research, a research-based management consulting firm.

Veterinary CRO Market- Global Industry Size, Share, Trends, Opportunity and Forecast, Segmented By  Service Type (Clinical Trials, Toxicology, Market Authorization & Regulatory Support and Others), By Animal Type (Dogs, Cats and Others), By Application (Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Cardiovascular Diseases, Metabolic Disease, Others), By Region, and Competition 2019-2029F”, has evaluated the future growth potential of Global  Veterinary CRO Market and provides statistics & information on Market size, structure and future Market growth. The report intends to provide cutting-edge Market intelligence and help decision makers take sound investment decisions. Besides, the report also identifies and analyzes the emerging trends along with essential drivers, challenges, and opportunities in Global Veterinary CRO Market.



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