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Altair Engineering Inc. Acquires Flow Simulators, Enters a Long-Term Strategic Partnership with General Electric Company

Flow Simulator enables mixed fidelity simulations to optimize machine and system design with an integrated flow, heat transfer, and combustion design software.

Troy-based Altair has recently announced the acquisition of GE Aviation Simulation Solution to expand into new industries. Altair and GE Aviation have also signed a MoU to facilitate a higher level of collaboration and entered a long-term strategic partnership. The newly established relationship is expected to enhance functionality aligned to real-world use cases and workflows. The ongoing executive engagement between the two parties is further expected to develop deeper strategic alignment and make headway for new ventures.

GE Aviation developed Flow Simulators to simulate how an entire flight cycle would operate in the real world and since its inception, it has been used to simplify modelling for a variety of complex thermal system applications. As organizations are tasked with complex duty cycles, the system-level design has become increasingly critical. A fast and reliable solution like Flow Simulator can essentially model an entire system, including rapid iteration concept modelling and understanding of system stimulation and system behaviour. Some of the features of Flow Simulator include fully coupled flow, control system module, optimization module, user-defined elements, and intuitive interface.

On the acquisition deal, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Altair commented, "We successfully collaborated with GE Aviation for many years on several initiatives including rotor dynamics using Altair OptiStruct, which opened doors for new opportunities to work together. We value our strong relationship with GE Aviation as we join forces to drive innovation for aircraft engines and beyond.” He further added, “Utilizing Altair's simulation and AI-driven approach to innovation, there is great potential to expand Flow Simulator's capabilities and make it available to new industries focused on simulating systems models including automotive, electromobility, battery, defense, and renewable energy."

Troy-based Altair is a global technology company, which provides software and cloud solutions in areas of simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), and Artificial Intelligence. GE Aviation, a subsidiary of General Electric, is a world leading manufacture of aircraft engine and aircraft parts.

Senior Executive, Technology, GE Aviation said, “Altair will bring Flow Simulator's capability to simplify the modelling of complex thermal systems to new industries. This will expand global technical capabilities. Concurrently, GE Aviation and Altair will continue developing Flow Simulator together, with even more advanced simulation technologies and design tools that will continue to expand its capabilities for a broader base of users.

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