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Vivakor Enters into an Agreement with TBT Group to Facilitate Wireless Sensors for Roadways

Vivakor Enters into an Agreement with TBT Group to Facilitate Wireless Sensors for Roadways

Vivakor is planning to embed sensors into roadways integrating Piezoelectric materials for smart and intelligent transportation system.

Las Vegas. Vivakor Inc. has signed an extensive agreement with TBT Group to license its energy harvesting technology and sensor technology to build smart roads with sensors for autonomous vehicles. The TBT Group’s technology allows installation of wireless sensors without the need of batteries or wires as the sensors will get their power from vibrations of the road.

The Piezoelectric materials utilized in the road construction would convert the mechanical energy of the road to electrical energy, enough to power the sensors. TBT Group’s innovative energy harvesting technology is based on the principle of Direct Piezoelectric effect, which helps to generate electricity under pressure because of their unique atomic level properties. The technology is a renewable and sustainable source of energy that harvests the residual mechanical energy, which could have otherwise gone waste.

Vivakor Inc. would integrate the energy harvesting technology into its process for the manufacture of asphaltic cement, used an asphalt road binder. The smart roads embedded with sensors would enable the automobile to communicate directly with roadways to help vehicle orient itself with accurate information about traffic, surface conditions, and weather conditions.

Vivakor Inc. is a developer of clean energy technologies and asset acquisition company, primarily focused around natural resources. The TBT Group is a premier US source of advanced piezoelectric materials for customers seeking clean energy alternatives.

On agreement with TBT Group Inc., Vivakor Chief Executive Officer commented, "With the recent achievement of our ability to produce a rated asphaltic cement material that is ready for large scale commercial sales, we could not be more excited to partner with TBT Group. Our integration of their technology will help enable wireless sensored roadways for the infrastructure needed for the adoption of autonomous vehicles. Together with TBT Group we are working with Rowan University's Centre for Research and Education in Advanced Transportation Engineering Systems to integrate optimal sensors into the energy harvesting device. We anticipate a smart road commercial product will be available by the end of 2021."

CEO of TBT Group commented, "As autonomous vehicles become commercialized, sensors embedded in roads become a necessary safety feature. In times of inclement weather, it is difficult for these vehicles to determine the end of the road and boundaries of the lanes. As sensors enable their direct communication with the road, autonomous driving vehicles become much safer. Our technology enables these sensors to be continuously self-powered without the need of electricity nor batteries"

TechSci research said, “Energy harvesting techniques produces clean energy source alternatives for both low-voltage and low-power applications, utilizing energies that would have been otherwise wasted. The vibrations from the road can be converted into electrical energy for sensors embedded in the roads for smart transportation system integrating Piezoelectric materials that can save up energy and maintenance costs. With the growing adoption of IoT and wireless devices, there is an increasing need to develop alternate power sources for sustainable energy consumption. The rising adoption of energy harvesting systems in different industries for various applications is expected to fuel the demand for Global vibration energy harvesting system in coming years.”

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