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Nizhnekamskshina reached the milestone of 3 million TBR tyre production

 The leading tyre maker of Russia, Nizhnekamskshina S.S.C. recently achieved a milestone by producing 3 million all-steel radial truck tyres since the opening of its plant in 2011. The officials also disclosed that along with this eminent achievement, the plant was also able to reach its monthly production capacity target of 100,000 units. 

Nizhnekamskshina, a business unit of Russia’s Tatneft Group, upholds a product portfolio of commercial tyres for up to 66 SKUs (stock keeping units), out of which 23 are being produced for Germany’s Continental A.G., as per the mutual offtake agreement between companies, wherein, Continental is also supporting the plant with the essential technical supplies. 

Nizhnekamskshina production facility came into existence with an investment of USD575 million during 2011. Since its establishment, the company has been able to secure Original Equipment (OE) supply contracts with the few of the dominant commercial vehicle manufacturers in Russian viz. KAMAZ, NefAZ and TONAR. 

The Tatneft Group furthermore announced that the Nizhnekamskshina manufacturing facility was recently recertified with the ISO 14001:20014 International environmental quality standard. The accreditation was made by OOO Test-St-Petersburg Co. Ltd. for the period of three consecutive years. 

According to “Russia Tyre Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020” recently published market research report by TechSci Research, the company’s holds the largest tyre production capacity in the country, which supports its revenue generation from the domestic market as well as export market. Backed by its large strong tyre production capacity 15 million units per year in 2015, the company is anticipated to dominate the tyre market in Russia during 2015-20.

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