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HCL Infosystems to revamp its Strategy, identifies big opportunity in ‘Digital India’

 Narendra Modi ‘Digital India’ initiatives are drawing the attention of big corporates in Indian as well as Global markets. HCL infosystems sees opportunity in Government’s Digital India 

HCL infosystems, one of the information technology leaders in India is on the move to revive their growth and internal strategies. The sheer motive of this revival to be future ready and to increase the revenue and client base of the company.

In the past years, the company was facing downward spiral and was losing its market share in the Indian markets. HCL infosystems was primarily hit by the decline in its PC business along with its one of the downfall of its one of the largest distribution clients, Nokia.

To pull back the company on the profitable track, HCL group veteran Premkumar Seshadri took charge in January this year. He devised the recovery strategy which majorly focus on creating robust business pipelines, appointing leaders for key business units and automating operations.

The key business units where the strategy is implemented are –the product business comprising of enterprise & distribution, system integration, services, and learning.

Also, the strategy focuses on appointing people at leaderships level. In the last few months, HCL infosystems appointed Chief Information Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Personal Officer, Head of Strategy and Head of Marketing. The purpose of these appointments to aggressively tap the market opportunities and grow the businesses rapidly.

The third section of the strategy focuses on automation in areas such as workforce and remote resolution.

HCL infosystems realizes a big opportunity in the ‘Digital India’ initiative by the government. However, presently the company focuses private sector as it is rebalancing its product & service portfolio.

According to TechSci Research, the Indian information technology market is witnessing multiple developments in various areas –product innovation, acquisitions, start-up proliferation, organization digital transformation, new leadership & talent, profitable action plans and supportive government initiatives. These developments are making the market more conducive for technology firms to grow by implementing the right strategy.

TechSci Research depicts that HCL infosystems strategy helps the company to be at par with the market in terms of digital adoption, products and leadership. This will result in business profits which are likely to reflect in next couple of years.

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