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Canada Smartphone Market Set to Grow at CAGR 14%

 Increasing competition, product innovation, low penetration and availability of smartphones in all price ranges to boost smartphone sales in Canada

Canadians are fast adaptor of new technology and hence, are shifting from feature phones to smartphones rapidly. Smartphones have added value to the traditional feature phones in a lot of sense and have become an integral part of people’s lifestyle, around the globe. It is estimated that around 9.1 Million Canadian have migrated from feature phones to smartphones by the end of 2011. There are several factors which are encouraging customer to buy smartphones such as emails, navigation systems, playing games, listening music, watching videos, accessing social networking websites and now the artificial intelligence apps like Apple’s Siri.

According to recently published report by TechSci Research “Canada Smartphone Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2017” the Canadian Smartphone market was dominated by Research In Motion till 2011, which introduced Blackberry series feature phones initially and then, shifted to smartphones segment. However, Blackberry is facing stiff competition from rivals like Apples iPhone and Samsungs Galaxy series of Smartphone’s. According to the recent sales figures Apple has already pushed Blackberry to the second position in 2012. It is estimated that Canada would have 20 Million smartphone users by 2017.

The entry of the Asian players, especially from China and South Korea in the Canadian Smartphones arena are expected to cause dynamic alteration in the segment. Unlike other countries, where Samsung is dominating the smartphone market, Canada smartphone market depicts different trend. South Korean player, Samsung is expected to remain third largest vendor in the Canada smartphone market, behind RIM and Apple. Other Chinese players like ZTE and Huawei, are expected to increase their market share with the introduction of new technologies and features.

Canada Smartphone market is in the growing phase of the life cycle which is expected generate high return on investments considering the increasing demand from consumer for more advanced phones which can perform all the tasks one expects to do with a laptop or tablet pc.

Canada Smartphone Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2017” provides detailed overview of Canadian Smartphone market. This report helps reader to identify the ongoing trends in the industry and anticipated growth in future depending upon changing industry dynamics in the coming years. The report will help industry consultants, Smartphone manufacturers, application developers and other service providers to align their market centric strategies according to ongoing and expected trends in future.


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