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Google CEO dedicated his first overseas visit to India: Seven key takeaways

After the vital visit of Mark Zuckerberg to India in October, global IT giant Google CEO Sundar Pichai has come to India for his two days’ visit. In his special keynote, Sundar Pichai reveals the colossal plans which will take the Indian IT industry to the next level.
Indian-born Chief Executive Officer, Sundar Pichai is in India. In a grand Google event, Pichai spoke about the key seven technology developments which would implement in the near future.
To contribute in the development of Indian railways and join the wave of Digital India, subsidiary of Google India has signed an agreement with RailTel and determined to provide Wi-Fi internet connectivity to 400 stations across the country. Mumbai Central station will be the first station to go live with Wi-Fi by January 2016.
Giving the hope to Indian internet consumers in the midst of internet infrastructure challenges, Google is planning to bring Project Loon to India. With the success of the Project Loon, India especially rural India will get affordable and high-speed internet.
Pichai stressed that their focus is to bring the internet for everyone, to make sure Google products work for consumers in a meaningful way and ensure their platform allows everyone to add their voices to the internet. Aiming to empower rural population with technology, Google gives the green light to the full-scale launch of its rural internet program.
To empower the rural India further, Google is focusing on helping rural women to get online through its ‘bicycle for women’ program. The company aims to assist women of three lakh villages in next three years.
Pichai also talked about developing the talent in India. To train and nurture two million developers across the country, the company has announced the partnership with National Skill Development Council.
Also, recognizing the great potential in the India talent, Google will build a huge campus in Hyderabad to build capabilities. The proposed campus would be spread over two million square feet, and create 6,500 additional jobs in the country. TechSci Research feels apart from increasing the quality technology talent, this move will help in bringing steadiness in IT industry.
Further, Google has given good news to the existing talent as it is hiring talent for its existing Hyderabad and Bangalore offices.
Apart from revealing the development strategy, Pichai also announced that Google will be launching Chromebit stick PC in January 2016. This product will turn any monitor into a computer screen.

Analysing the development in the technology market, TechSci Research depicts, the visit of Chief Executive officers of technology leaders to India demonstrates the worth of Indian markets. The large consumer base, quick adoption of smartphones, increasing consumption of internet, growing demand of Indian talent encourages the technology companies to tap the market in India. Likewise, on the other hand, these technology companies are enhancing the Indian technology ecosystem –including the talent, market development, innovative products, enhanced facilities to consumers to name few.

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