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Salesforce acquires MinHash to strengthen its Marketing Intelligence Arm

 Global companies follow the shortest path to recruit quality human resource and to launch innovative products; by acquiring dominant start-ups in the ecosystem. Following the same strategy, Salesforce completed its third acquisition of the year.

CRM software leader acquired MinHash, a start-up headquartered in Palo Alto. MinHash is mostly known for its flagship product AILA -an artificial intelligence driven virtual assistant for marketers which fetches relevant trends by scanning countless media and social posts and automatically designing the effective campaigns for the right audience with relevant theme and message.

The sales note of the MinHash websites confirms that its existing customers will not be able to use the product after 21 Jan, 2016. Also, the current MinHash team of four people will join Salesforce search and data science team to continue their passion for search, data science and machine learning.

TechSci Research says that the growth in digital data generation across the world, use of social media and the internet by consumers, and dynamic consumer behaviour has made the role of Big Data extremely crucial, especially in the field of Marketing. Big Data technology transforms marketing activities and helps organizations –to understand their consumers better in less time, to build an effective brand image, to efficiently tackle consumer issues and to positively channelizing any feedback shared by consumers. Following the similar trend, Salesforce acquired MinHash to offer its customers marketing cloud services which will make them future ready.

Further, TechSci Research depicts that the current technology market is witnessing consolidation in which technology giants such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Salesforce are acquiring successful start-ups either to enhance their existing products or to expand their product portfolio to disrupt the current technology market.