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B. Braun and Kerma Medical Products Announce Collaboration for Improving Healthcare Services

B. Braun and Kerma Medical Products Announce Collaboration for Improving Healthcare Services

B. Braun and Kerma Medical have come together to collaborate on improving the delivering and development of healthcare services and products.

India: B. Braun Medical Inc., a renowned medical and pharmaceutical device company supplying the healthcare products globally and Kerma Medical, another company specializing in health care supplies, have announced collaboration. The collaboration has been made with the aim of developing and improving the delivery of healthcare products and services. Both the companies will focus on providing healthcare services to minorities and underserved communities.

The collaboration is expected to span across a range of applications such as sustainable manufacturing, strategic sourcing, co-marketing opportunities, product novel product development and diversity programs. Even though the product lines of both companies are different, some of the common values have strengthen the bond between the two. They will identify the areas and communities in need and will collaborate with healthcare providers and programs to provide improved healthcare products and services.

Chief Sales Officer and Senior Vice President of B. Braun said, " Kerma has established itself as one of the premier minority, veteran-owned companies in the healthcare industry, " He further added, “Our collaboration gives us the opportunity to forge new relationships with a set of customers in the commercial market that have unique healthcare needs. With Kerma, we will improve our ability to understand those customers and know how to serve them better, while enhancing our diversity engagement goals and initiatives.”

According to TechSci Research, the collaboration is expected to cater to the communities which are underserved and are unable to access the modern healthcare services. Expanding the areas of reach will aid the business expansion of both the companies and will generate benefit mutually. Furthermore, the collaboration will improve the healthcare infrastructure and will forge reliable relationships with customers with the provision of medical products, nutrition, pharmacy admixtures and other healthcare products.

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