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Ford to release new ADAS in its cars in the latter half of 2018

Ford ADAS in its cars

Ford Motor Company will release new and advanced ADAS in the second half of 2018. The company claims their ADAS would be much more advanced than its competitors like Honda, Toyota and Chevrolet.

United States: Ford Motor Company is all set to release new and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) in the second-half of the year. The company claims that the ADAS offered will beat its rivals like Chevrolet, Toyota and Honda. The move is in line with Ford's long-term strategy to provide latest technology in its products for smarter and self-sufficient vehicles.

Named Ford Co-Pilot, it can automatically brake to prevent crashes with other vehicles or pedestrians and alert drivers the moment a vehicle enters a blind spot. Moreover, the systems can also alert the driver if cross traffic is coming from behind, in case the driver is backing out of a driveway or parking spot. It will also assist the car to stay in lanes and alert the driver if the vehicle drifts sideways. It will also have automatic high beams and a reverse camera.  The competitor cars from Honda, Chevrolet and Toyota have at least one of these features, but only new system of Ford will have all the latest features.

Ford has announced various investments in newer technologies to strengthen its presence in the new mobility services. The automotive company is investing a whopping USD 1 billion over the next five years in Argo AI, an independent vehicle start-up, has started offering services in its cars like as Waze which is a mapping application, and integration with Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant.

The automaker has also announced partnerships with the ride-sharing company Lyft, Postmates and Domino's Pizza for the development of autonomous driving tech for commercial purposes.

According to TechSci Research, the automobile sector is constantly evolving in engine performance and design. Apart from these, evolution of autonomous features in passenger cars is catching attention of consumers across the world. Global autonomous car technology market is primarily divided into three segments - Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) car technologies, semi-autonomous car technology and fully-autonomous car technology. ADAS technologies are currently moving at a very high pace due to the rising inclination towards greater automation. Additionally, fully-autonomous cars are expected to be commercially available by 2025, which will ensure robust growth of the market. Key factors that are estimated to drive growth in the market over the next few years are increase in regulations mandating integration of autonomous technology in new vehicles, decline in prices of autonomous technology and the rising focus on safety on roads.

According to the recently published report by TechSci Research, Global Autonomous Car Technology Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2035 – ADAS, Semi-Autonomous, Fully-Autonomousz”, global autonomous car technology market is expected to witness a CAGR of over 10% through 2035. The market is currently dominated by ADAS segment, which is expected to maintain its dominance over the next twenty years as well. The dominance of this segment can be attributed to anticipated increase in government regulations pertaining to integration of ADAS technologies in passenger cars. Further, semi-autonomous car technology is expected to witness robust growth over the next ten years, owing to anticipated decline in its average selling price coupled with rising volume sales. Region-wise, North America has emerged as the largest contributor in the market for autonomous car technology, followed by Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Middle East North Africa (MENA).

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