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China Water Desalination Market Continues To Enjoy the Lap of Industries

 Growing water scarcity is one of the most pressing issues currently facing China, against backdrop of burgeoning industry, rapid population, economic growth, urbanization. China’s water resources are getting scarcer as China uses three times more water than the world average. The scarcity of fresh water resources are compelling governments and planning agencies to invest in enhancing desalination capacities to meet the soaring water demand. In the past, high costs of desalination (due to mostly intensive energy use) as well as industry-related environmental concerns have held back growth in the desalination market. However, with the introduction of RO based plants which are considered economical and energy efficient a positive movement has been noticed in the Chinese market.

“Fresh water is a major priority in sustainable development and it cannot be obtained from streams and aquifers, desalination of seawater or mineralized groundwater is required. Seawater desalination is established to be a part of meeting a real water need in the most cost effective and least damaging way”, said Dhwipal Shah, Water Industry Analyst at TechSci Research.

According to recently published report by TechSci Research “China Water Desalination Plants Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2017” China water desalination market is all set to growth at CAGR of 18% for next five years. In China, 78% desalination plants have been installed in industries such as power, petrochemical, steel, etc. The Chinese market for desalination is dominated by RO membrane based plants which are expected to continue the dominance for next five years.

“Under normal conditions, the northern & western regions get only 20% of China’s rainfall and snowmelt because of which reservoir levels have fallen 11% compared to the same period last year in northern China. Desalination industry in China will grow rapidly if the water is priced reasonably considering all the aspects”, said Mr. Shah.

The major industrial water consumers are metallurgy, power, petroleum, chemical, steal & metal, timber processing, paper and pulp industries. Industrial output in China is increasingly proving much more profitable than agricultural output, which means that overtime greater water resources will be transferred to industrial needs.


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