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Does China Need Plant Growth Regulators? The Answer is Yes.

The Plant Growth Regulators or plant hormones are made up of chemical substances which are specialized to induce early ripening of fruits & vegetables, stimulate flowering, induce seed germination etc. by means of reacting with plant cells. The Plant Growth Regulators or PGRs, also synonymous with ripening agents are tailored for utilization by the agricultural farmers to catalyze the growth of different plant crops including fruits & vegetables, cotton, tobacco, wheat, etc.

Different types of PGRs are available in the market for varied purposes such as cytokinin, auxins, gibberellic acid and many more. The increasing demand for food by the expanding population coupled with the rising investments in the textile and apparel industry are the major driving forces for the China Plant Growth Regulators Market.

China’s Exploding Population is demanding Enhanced Crop Productivity:

The lifting of family planning scheme called as “One Child Policy” in October 2015 by Government of China has resulted in an upsurge in country’s population, which in turn is elevating the count of mouths to feed. In addition to the problems associated with food quantity, the consumers in the nation are gaining awareness for premium food products due to rising income levels.

As a result, the changing diets of population, increasing focus over food quality and quantity is escalating the demand for enhanced crop productivity, subsequently influencing the adoption of plant growth regulators in China. The Chinese farmers are using plant hormones to achieve quick and early yield to maximize market profits while protecting the crop from cold and diseases at the same time. 


Tremendous Developments Ahead in China’s Agriculture Sector:

The country is shifting focus from urban development to agriculture sector due to the raging demand for food across the nation. For instance, the Agricultural Development Bank of China sanctioned a loan of nearly USD450 billion for the betterment and improvement of Chinese Agriculture industry by 2020. As a result, the farmers in the nation are willing to adopt crop production chemicals such as plant growth regulators to enhance the overall output of major farm products such as grains, cotton, tobacco, fruits, etc. in China.

Output of Selective Farm Products in China, 2010-15 (10,000 Tons)


                                                                                                         Source: China National Bureau of Statistics

Growing Investments in Textile Industry: Major Driver for Plant Growth Regulators

In addition to the domestic consumption pattern, the country also witnessed an increasing export trend of textile, apparels and garments to its customers in neighboring Asian countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) by 23.38% during first quarter of 2016.

As the nation is focusing to achieve the ratio of apparel, home textiles and industrial textiles from 46.8: 28.6: 24.6 in 2014 to become 40:27:33 by 2020 under China’s 13th five-year plan, large amount of investments are going to spur the demand for cotton, in turn boosting the consumption of PGRs for the purpose as well.’

Investment in the China Textile and Apparel Industry, 2012-15



In conclusion, the China Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) market is expected to showcase robust growth over the span of next 9 years on account of increasing demand for enhanced crop productivity. The burgeoning population of China is coercing the demand for improved food crops at reduced price, which is boosting the demand for plant growth regulators and bio based stimulators in the country. In addition to this, the growth in the China Plant Growth Regulators market can be attributed to the rising implementation of environmental laws and policies in favor of green and sustainable developments for agriculture industry of the nation. Consequently, the China Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) market is set to grow considerably during the forecast period.

China Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) market is controlled by these major players, namely– Sichuan Guoguang Agrochemical Co. Ltd., Xinyi Industrial Co. Ltd., China Biotech Agriculture CBA Co., Ltd., SinoHarvest, Jiangsu Longguang Chemical Co., Ltd., King Quenson Group, etc.

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