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Will the New Era of Entrepreneurship Surge Global Cloud Security Market Demand?

Fast paced internet based entrepreneurship is leading to record productivity levels, but cyber threats will make global cloud security market indispensable, finds TechSci Research

With recent attacks such as the ransomware dubbed ‘WannaCry’, interest and anxiety about cyber security is reaching heightened levels. Cloud security especially, is an integral part of the overall process of securing our cyberspace, given the growing role that cloud based devices, apps etc. are playing in day-to-day life. TechSci Research experts got together to discuss some of the salient points of the global cloud security market.

Cyber Threats and the Global Cloud Security Market

Cisco Systems, Inc. in a recent study, found that companies are remarkably underprepared in terms of cloud security, in fact, the study highlighted a particular case, where a phishing campaign targeting Gmail users, could have ended up compromising around 1 million people. Cisco’s conservative estimate pegged the number of corporations affected by the worm at 300,000.

This represents a unique opportunity for the global cloud security market. Unlike the previous decades, not only is cloud and real-time information sharing important, it is a necessity for ambitious companies to scale up their operations. And given awareness about security risks that come with the aforementioned, the importance of global cloud security market cannot be underscored enough.

To quote the same Cisco report "The breadth and depth of recent ransomware attacks alone demonstrate how adept adversaries are at exploiting security gaps and vulnerabilities across devices and networks for maximum impact." To deal with malevolent and intelligent forces, latest products and services coming out of the global cloud security market are very important.

Global Cloud Security Market in an Era of Changing Corporate Lifestyles

One of the key issues highlighted by TechSci Research report “Global Cloud Security Market, Competition Forecast and Opportunities, 2011 - 2021” pertains to the changing lifestyle choices and decisions that impact the global cloud security market in a myriad of ways. For example, a key trend highlighted by the report refers to the growing trend of BYOD, bring-your-own-device.

Corporates are increasingly trying to get rid of stuffy offices and archaic guidelines to make workplaces more synergetic with and syncretic to 21st century values in an effort to free the creative energies of employees and thus boost the company’s own bottom line. BYOD is one such facet of this move, where employees are encouraged to use their own devices to the workplace, to work from home etc. in order to optimize their efficiencies. While such moves do trigger growth, they also leave corporations exposed. Which is where global cloud security market becomes important.

In a modern-day corporation where service and speed are key to success, undue haste can lead to insalubrious consequences for companies. Global cloud security market promulgation is extremely necessary in the next few years to combat what may just be the biggest threat corporate sector is facing today.

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