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Hicare Collaborates with Blue Air to Launch New Series of Air Purifiers

Hicare partners with Blueair Purifier to launch a series of smart WI-FI enabled Air Purifiers

India: Hicare, a pest control and home cleaning services firm, entered into partnership with Swedish firm, Blueair to launch air purifiers, which will be sold through direct-to-home business model across 200 markets. Hicare will sell Blueair purifiers at price over USD384.46 and will also provide advice to customers regarding the selection of model, installation and after sale services.

The company has launched three models, namely iClassic 280i, iClassic 480i and iClassic 680i. These models come loaded with HEPASilent technology that ensure silent delivery with upmost quality of purified air coupled with ability to capture 99.97% of all airborne particles down to 0.1 microns in size. The purifier also possesses advanced filter type and encapsulated particle charging member. The device has Wi-Fi Technology that can also be controlled through smartphones by using Blueair friend app, which is available on both Google Play store and Apple Store.

TechSci Research depicts that rising commercial infrastructural developments in the country, increasing vehicle sales, and deteriorating air quality are projected to drive air purifiers market in India during 2016-2021. Some of major users of air purifiers in India include healthcare institutes, embassies, hospitality sector, data centers and other commercial establishments. Growing awareness about the harmful effects of indoor air pollution is anticipated to drive demand for air purifiers from the residential sector as well over the next five years. Hicare has identified India as a key developing market for air purifier, aiming to gain a significant market share for the brand in the country.

According to recent report published by Techsci Research, “India Air Purifiers Market By Filter Type, By End User Sector, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2011-2021”, the market for air purifiers in India is projected to reach US $ 209 million by 2021. Residential as well as commercial sectors are anticipated to generate high demand for air purifiers in India during the forecast period, due to rising disposable income levels of consumers and increasing awareness among people about benefits of using air purifiers. HEPA combined with Activated Carbon based air purifiers dominated air purifiers market in India on account of their high efficiency in removing particulate matter, odor and other harmful gases. Adoption of HEPA based air purifiers in the country is growing considerably in households, embassies, healthcare institutes, and other commercial spaces, and this trend is expected to continue over the next five years.

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