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Telrad Networks Launches its New LTE-in-a-Box Technology

Telrad launched its new product called LTE-in-a-Box, that simplifies the fixed LTE operations for facilitating high performance and removing the need of additional LTE core.

Tennessee: Telrad Networks is a global provider of new and innovative LTE telecom solutions. The company announced the launch of its product, LTE-In-a-box which simplifies the fixed LTE network operations while providing high performance. It does not require an additional expensive LTE Core, thereby saving considerable expenses.

The new “LTE-in-a-Box” solution integrates the core network, also called Evolved Packet Core (EPC), directly into the base station hardware, offering an all-in-one LTE solution to the customers. With the use of this unique base station, the operator gains a technological advantage and can manage all the network from one extremely compact unit. The radio supports the 3.3-3.8 GHz bands, including the CBRS band 3.55-3.7 GHz in the US. The product will reduce the cost of network deployments especially in the rural areas.

Justin Davis, Founder and COO of SkyWerx stated, “We have successfully introduced the LTE-in-a-Box solution to our network. The new embedded EPC gives us the ability to deploy a full-outdoor LTE network directly on the tower. This is a very cost-effective solution – especially in the rural areas we serve. Telrad has been a great partner, and with continued innovative technology launches such as this, our business will reap the flexibility and cost benefits that they deliver.”

“Telrad has designed an LTE solution that is tailored to the needs and business model of fixed broadband operators,” said Mark Altshuller, chief technology officer of Telrad. “Our new LTE-in-a-Box offers operators the flexibility they need to deploy efficient and reliable networks. Also, our system meets certain criteria that other solutions lack, including Layer-2 support for business end users and the ability to start with smaller LTE networks. Our solution is ‘equal opportunity’ and is finally making LTE accessible to all operators – regardless of their size.”

TechSci Research depicts that the introduction of LTE-in-a-box will enable fast expansion of the subscriber network while providing superior services from small and medium to large size companies. LTE-in-a-box will be offering cost effective deployment especially in the rural areas with compact packages, which would play a significant role in boosting the Global LTE market.

According to recently released report from TechSci Research, Global LTE Consumer Devices Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2020”, global market for LTE consumer devices projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 26% during 2015 - 2020. Rising adoption of LTE technology in emerging economies, increasing number of new LTE enabled registered devices, such as cameras and other wearable devices, mounting Machine-to-Machine connections, Internet of Things (IoT) and declining global average selling prices of LTE devices is projected to propel growth in global LTE consumer devices market through 2020. Samsung and Apple are expected to continue their market domination; however, their respective market shares are expected to decline over the course of next five years.

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