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Mitas Expands its Motorcycle Product Portfolio

Mitas has expanded its portfolio by adding new motorcycle tires

United States: Mitas has launched two new motorcycle tire sizes to its Terra Force-R and E-10 product range. As per the company, the new tire in Terra Force-R segment features ‘Optimum Steel Cord Technology’, which has an optimal contact area between the tire and the surface in all driving conditions. Currently, the company is offering one front tire size, 110/80R19 and two rear sizes, 140/80R17 and 150/70R17, whereas, two new sizes, i.e. 120/70R19 and 170/60R17 would be available by the end of second quarter of 2017.

“Our aim is to strengthen Mitas in the adventure segment by offering riders complete range of tyre sizes. The extension of Terra Force-R and E-10 tread patterns demonstrates our strategy.” said by Ksenija Bitenc, director of Mitas.

As per representative from Mitas “universal adventure tyre” and reports that the E-10 offers “excellent self-cleaning properties and superb directional control on soft and hard surfaces.” The E-10 pattern is suitable for use on asphalt roads, poorly maintained tracks and light off-road terrain. “On bends and corners, the E-10 gives a gentle turn-in and a stable follow-through with optimum directional control,”.

TechSci Research believes that, Mitas tires are gaining popularity across the United States. By introducing new motorcycle tire sizes, the company has targeted a specific set of consumers of two-wheeler segment in the entire region. Eventually, with the growing demand for the company’s two-wheeler tires in the country, the sale of Mitas tires is expected to incline in coming years, adding up to the overall United States tire market.

According to a recent report published by TechSci Research, United States Tire Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2021”, The vehicle fleet of the country is dominated by passenger car segment, followed by light commercial vehicles, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, off-the-Road (OTR) vehicles and two-wheeler segment. As a result, the passenger car tire segment held the largest volume share in the country’s tire market in 2015, and its dominance is anticipated to continue during the forecast period as well. Leading global tire companies operating in the United States include Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin, Cooper, Continental, Sumitomo, Hankook, Yokohama, etc. Increasing automobile sales paired with increasing vehicle fleet are expected to drive the country’s tire industry through 2021. Moreover, growth in the country’s tire industry is backed by increasing sales volume of different vehicle segments, which is resulting in expansion of replacement automotive fleet in the US.

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