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HYPR Introduces Biometric Shopping Platform for Ecommerce Sector

HYPR announced the availability of latest secure biometric shopping for retailers

New York: HYPR, the provider of password less validation across multiple platforms such as desktop, mobile & IOT systems, recently launched a secure biometric shopping platform for its users.

With an attempt to curb personal data theft, the company’s cybersecurity solution enables decentralizing of biometric data (fingerprints, face & Voice authentication), which can be used effectively instead of alphanumeric passwords.  

Moreover, the company’s biometric authorization solution will prevent potential dire situation with online identity theft. The latest biometric shopping platform will deploy a safe biometric user experience in retail space as sector is facing difficulty to maintain trust in the era of connected devices.  

“The future of retail lies in biometric shopping experience, and HYPR is working to secure that future. Issues of data privacy have come to the forefront in our connected world, and password are no longer offering consumers sufficient protection”, said George Avetisov, CEO and co-founder of HYPR.             

TechSci Research depicts that adaptation of biometric solutions for retail services and additional privilege services will pave way for biometric market in future as it offers secure and safe information to its users. The rising demand for biometrics technology is also gaining traction in e-commerce platform for password less authentication.

According to the recent report published by TechSci Research, “Global Biometrics Market By Type (Fingerprint Recognition, Facial Recognition, Hand/Palm Recognition, Iris Scanner, Voice Recognition, Vein Scanner & Others), By End Use Sector, By Region, Competition Forecast and Opportunities, 2011 – 2021” the global biometrics market is projected to cross US $ 24.8 billion by 2021. Fingerprint recognition biometric systems are the most preferred type of biometric systems used across the globe, owing to their ease of use, low cost, high speed and accurate results. However, in terms of growth, vein scanner biometrics systems segment is anticipated to outpace fingerprint recognition biometrics systems over the next five years.

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