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Norwegian Government Planning to Promote Autonomous Vehicle Testing

The government of Norway is aiming to allow the testing of self-driving vehicles across the country by 2017

Norway: The government of Norway is planning to implement a law by 2017, to allow self-driving vehicle testing on the roads of the country. Besides that, the country has already been one of the largest markets for electric vehicles by Tesla Motors, due to ease of government subsidies. Moreover, the company would be installing new hi-tech hardware such as camera and a radar to its models, in the verge of encouraging self-driving technology.

In addition to that, the step taken by the country’s government for supporting autonomous vehicle testing, is likely to give a competitive edge to the IT companies based in Norway to diversify. Few of the renowned companies involved in the testing of self-driving car technology are Google, Uber as well as Ford.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the country conveyed that the Norwegian government is validating a proposal to implement a new law, by getting it passed, initially, by the parliament of the country by 2017.

The proposal stated, "The objective of the bill is to facilitate the testing of self-driving vehicles on Norwegian roads ... within the framework of traffic safety while protecting the integrity of personal information".

The Ministry conveyed that the self-driving vehicles would be launched in Norway by getting approval on the basis of safety and testing of vehicle, as the introduction of self-driving cars had to face a lot of hindrances in few nations, due to lack of proper rules & regulation regarding the safety of public.

As per TechSci Research, the continuously expanding investment in the autonomous car technology market by several companies, coupled with the favorable government policies to encourage this enhanced innovation in the region, is expected to influence the overall autonomous car technology industry, over the coming period.

According to a recent report published by TechSci Research, “Global Autonomous Car Technology Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2035 – ADAS, Semi-Autonomous, Fully-Autonomous”, globally, the automobile sector has been constantly evolving in terms of engine performance and design. Apart from these parameters, evolution of autonomous features in passenger cars is garnering attention of consumers across the world. Global autonomous car technology market is primarily divided into three segments - Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) car technologies, semi-autonomous car technology and fully-autonomous car technology. ADAS technologies are currently moving at a brisk pace on account of rising inclination towards greater automation.

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