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GM to Mass-Produce Autonomous Chevrolet Bolts

United States: General Motors announced to mass produce autonomous Chevrolet Bolts at Michigan plant by January 2017. The CEO of General Motors. Mary Barra, in response to state legislation enactment for wider use of autonomous vehicles, stated, that the company would initiate testing of autonomous Chevrolet Bolts in suburban Detroit, near the GM Technical Center.

Earlier, General Motors has been testing its 40 autonomous Chevrolet Bolts in San Francisco and Scottsdale, Arizona. However, as per Doug Parks, General Motors VP of Autonomous Technology and Execution, the fleet applicable across Michigan region would be much larger than fleet of Arizona.

The CEO of company added, that the autonomous Chevrolet Bolts would be installed with cameras, sensors, lidar and various other technologies for operation. Also, the General Motors Michigan plant has been producing the regular electric Bolt, which can cover approximately 238 miles on a full battery charge. Testing of autonomous Bolt by the company has been limited within the 1 square mile campus of General Motors Technical Center, which would further be expanded on the nearby roads and then in Detroit region.

The company is still not sure, to initiate distribution of autonomous vehicles for citizens. Moreover, after investing a sum of USD500 million in “Lyft”, the company has plans to add autonomous Chevrolet Bolts to the fleet of Lyft, in coming years.

As per TechSci Research, General Motors, is among various other companies, to test autonomous vehicle technology across the globe, to eradicate potential accidents and crashes caused by human error. Besides that, the continuously expanding investment in the autonomous car technology market by several companies, is expected to influence the overall industry, over the coming period.

According to a recent report published by TechSci Research, “Global Autonomous Car Technology Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2035 – ADAS, Semi-Autonomous, Fully-Autonomous”, globally, the automobile sector has been constantly evolving in terms of engine performance and design. Apart from these parameters, evolution of autonomous features in passenger cars is garnering attention of consumers across the world. Global autonomous car technology market is primarily divided into three segments - Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) car technologies, semi-autonomous car technology and fully-autonomous car technology. ADAS technologies are currently moving at a brisk pace on account of rising inclination towards greater automation.

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