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Canada to Phase Out Traditional Coal Generation by 2030

The country aims to produce 90% electricity from sustainable resources

Canada: In an effort to decarbonize, the Canadian government on Monday announced plans to end coal burn in traditional power plants by 2030. Coal-fired generation is responsible for almost 75% of greenhouse gas emissions by the country. The plan is likely to set Canada on a path toward 90% non-emitting generating sources by 2030. The federal government has committed to backing the transition through the Canada Infrastructure Bank, saying it would finance commercially viable clean energy and modern electricity systems between provinces and territories. The country’s government recently announced that it would commit almost US $22 billion over 11 years for green infrastructure.

TechSci Research depicts that transformers are used for changing voltage from one level to other, in case of power generation and transmission utilities, power transformers are used to step up and step down the voltage whereas in distribution utilities transformers are used to step down the voltage to the desired voltage ratings of the customer. With growth in the global population and rise in the power demand, new infrastructure for power generation, transmission, and distribution is developed, to fulfil the growing power demand. Transformers are divided into power transformers and distribution transformers, which are further narrowed down to MVA and kVA ratings in each segment.

According to released report of TechSci Research “Global Power and Distribution Transformers Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020”, the market for power transformers had the largest market share by value in 2014 and is forecasted to have around 60% of the total market share in power and distribution transformers market in 2020. The market growth rate of transformers in the ratings of above 500 MVA will be leading in power transformers market whereas transformers with the ratings of 1,000.1-5,000 kVA in distribution transformers will be the highest. 

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