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AimBrain Partnered with NOW Money Smartphone App to Provide Biometric Authentication Solution

NOW Money Smartphone App to use facial and behavioural authentication to improvise mobile wallet services 

United States: NOW Money Smartphone App partnered with AimBrain which will provide biometric authentication solution for mobile wallet and remittance services. AimBrain offer services such as Software as a Service(SaaS) and behavioural authentication module which will enable NOW Money in strengthening its security.

The partnership will also provide Now Money customers, a frictionless experience for making payment and thereby eliminating the need of password authentication before making payment.

The collaboration aims at enabling low-income workers to access financial system for the first time wherein, AimBrain facilitates better protected services. NOW Money Smartphone App will improve employee welfare for low income migrants in the middle-east and in the neighbouring region giving international growth to both the companies.    

TechSci Research depicts that the move will empower customers to use the mobile wallet service which will provide more security to their financial transaction by using the facial and behavioural pattern to validate the mobile wallet and remittance services.

 According to the recent report published by TechSci Research Global Biometrics Market By Type, By End Use Sector, By Region, Competition Forecast and Opportunities, 2011 – 2021”, the global biometrics market is projected to cross US $ 24.8 billion by 2021.Fingerprint recognition biometric systems are the most preferred type of biometric systems used across the globe, owing to their ease of use, low cost, high speed and accurate results. However, in terms of growth, vein scanner biometrics systems segment is anticipated to outpace fingerprint recognition biometrics systems over the next five years. 

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