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Cisco Launched Secured Storage Server for Enterprises and Big Business

Cisco to provide Hybrid cloud storage services to businesses for storage optimisation & increased data protection.

San Francisco: Cisco, an American multinational technology, unveiled next-gen secured storage server to enable enterprises with smooth adaptation of optimised hybrid cloud software.

Cisco launched UCS S series server with increased data protection and high storage capacity. The product offers cost-effective service to the enterprises with rapid scalability enabling enterprises in getting insights and business intelligence for strategic decision making. The new applications which include video analytics, diagnostic imaging and stream analytics is leading huge volumes of unstructured data for which storage devices of huge capacity are required.

The company claims that unlike traditional server, newly launched UCS S series server takes up to 60 percent less space and consumes less power for storing data. The server will lower the total cost of ownership cloud for the enterprises to efficiently handle the workload and can be tailored as per end-user requirement.   

TechSci Research depicts that the rising demand for cloud solutions would play a vital role for digital enterprises. With increased awareness of the cloud services among enterprises and need to automate big-data while reducing risk coupled with Infrastructure Automation & service management will drive growth for hybrid cloud Services in coming years.    

According to TechSci Research report “Global Cloud Computing Service Market Outlook 2014” has evaluated business and non-business issues related to the worldwide cloud computing service market worldwide. This study gives unprejudiced view on the various aspects of cloud computing service market and helps reader to get complete overview on latest trends, market potential, infrastructure and delivery model related to industry. This study by TechSci Research will definitely help consultants, cloud computing service providers, IT infrastructure vendors, business managers to identify the market opportunities and will help them in market centric decision making process. 

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