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Prodways Entered into Strategic Partnership with A.Schulman

The business pact between the two companies is intended towards developing 3D printing powders and building faster means for industrial applications

Europe: Prodways, a French company along with A.Schulman, an Ohio plastics company intends to expand their customer base, focusing primarily on the industrial customers. In addition to this, the company aims to produce laser sintering powders of refined quality.

Moreover, the R&D teams of both the organizations will work towards the identification of improved manufacturing processes, innovative materials emphasizing on the 3D printing process. The partnership will help yield products which are reliable and economical. In addition, this collaboration will help the both organizations to improve the performance optimization, appearance and processability of the polymers being used in the 3D printing process.   

TechSci Research depicts that with the growing need for automation, increased productivity in an organization, 3D printing technology is surfacing as a vital means to meet the requirement. With the advent rise in the manufacturing of enhanced powder based 3D printing technology to improve the quality of the printed product. Furthermore, the partnerships among the different organizations is a step towards enhancing 3D printing technology across the global market.

According to the recent report published by TechSci Research, Global 3D Printers Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020”, global 3D printers market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of over 31% through 2020. In 2014, North America and Europe dominated global market for 3D printers, on account of significant adoption of personal as well as industrial & metal 3D printers. United States and Germany in particular, witnessed significant increase in adoption of 3D printers across a wide range of industries. Countries such as the Netherlands, Russia, and Italy are other leading markets for 3D printers. A number of technical colleges and universities in these countries have started integrating 3D printing technologies into their course curriculum through collaboration with 3D printer manufacturers and other industry stakeholders. Global 3D printers market is dominated by Stratasys, which accounted for majority share in the market in 2014, and is expected to retain its position through 2020. 3D Systems, EnvisionTEC, and Mcor are other prominent manufacturers of 3D printers globally.

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