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Patanjali Would Start to Use Artificial Insemination for Producing Female Calves

India: Patanjali promoter Baba Ramdev could emerge as India’s cow protector and as per the strategy Baba Ramdev plans to use artificial insemination to produce 92 per cent female calves. In order to produce female calves, the company is planning to bring semen from Brazilian bulls and technical support from US and Dutch experts for the same.


Previously, the cows which were old or cows which could not produce milk would end up in the slaughter houses. But by patanjali’s new initiatives which would lead to production of better quality of milch cows, meaning fewer animals that could end up in the slaughter house. This would encourage the milk farming in the country. The breed improvement through which the programme will ensure that milch cattle will have longer productive lives drastically increasing their chances of living out their natural life spans rather than being killed for a paltry sum. 


TechSci Research depicts that this initiative would increase the income of milk producers, along with the popularity of cow milk. As the demand for cow milk is relatively low in the country, the government and many private players are taking many initiatives in order to develop and help the farmers breeding cows in the country.


According to a recent report by TechSci ResearchIndia Dairy Products Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2021”, the market for dairy products in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 7% during 2016 - 2021. In 2015, North India dominated the country’s dairy products market, on account of increasing per capita expenditure, rising youth population, introduction of value added dairy products, changing consumption patterns, and growing penetration of international players. India dairy products market is witnessing a shift towards healthier products such as probiotic drinks, yogurts, etc.., is propelling growth in India dairy products market. Continuous population growth, liberalization of trade policies and rising investments in advertising are driving the country’s dairy products market. With new domestic and international players foraying into dairy products market in India, the market is witnessing introduction of various non-conventional dairy products such as flavored yogurts and probiotic drinks, milk with low fat and cholesterol content, different cheese variants, etc.

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