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Xiaomi introduced fingerprint card (FPC) biometric sensor in Smartphones

China: Xiaomi, one of the world largest smartphone maker, a launched new iteration in its Redmi line of smartphones. The newly introduced device will be equipped with fingerprint cards and precise biometrics to strengthen biometric capabilities.

The product combines fingerprint sensor configuration which turns up to be Xiaomi’s last true button-based fingerprint sensors. In addition, it also includes under glass and ultrasonic sensor.

The new device will feature FPC 1035 sensor running precise biomatch mobile algorithm software and is embedded under the phone’s glass to enable a button free design and thereby providing more security, fingerprint imaging.

TechSci depicts that increased usage of biometric sensors in smart devices would play an important role for identification and authentication of users to have safe, secure and authenticated transactions which would pave a way to combat identity fraud in future.

According to the recent report published by TechSci Research, “Global Biometrics Market By Type (Fingerprint Recognition, Facial Recognition, Hand/Palm Recognition, Iris Scanner, Voice Recognition, Vein Scanner & Others), By End Use Sector, By Region, Competition Forecast and Opportunities, 2011 – 2021” the global biometrics market is projected to cross US $ 24.8 billion by 2021. Fingerprint recognition biometric systems are the most preferred type of biometric systems used across the globe, owing to their ease of use, low cost, high speed and accurate results. However, in terms of growth, vein scanner biometrics systems segment is anticipated to outpace fingerprint recognition biometrics systems over the next five years.

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