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Stratasys Introduces a New Manufacturing Aids Package

United States: Stratasys Ltd., United States based leading 3D Printing and additive manufacturing company, announced to introduce a new Manufacturing Aids Package for ‘Fortus 900mc’ Production 3D Printer. In addition, the Fortus 900mc is the most advanced large scale FDM printer.

The Manufacturing Aids Package is focusing to the customers using Fortus 900mc to create custom manufacturing tools such as jigs and fixtures. In addition, the package includes six canisters of thermoplastic build material, including Nylon 6, along with Stratasys’ engineering-grade material.

Furthermore, Nylon 6 is one of the most widely used thermoplastic materials used in traditional manufacturing. In addition to Nylon 6, the Manufacturing Aids Package includes polycarbonate (PC) and ASA thermoplastics, which is available in 10 different colours.      

Sanja Wallace, Senior Director, Product Management and Marketing of Stratasys said that 3D printing jigs and fixtures enables manufacturers to improve these tools’ usability and ensure their availability. “The ability to design a manufacturing aid specifically for a given task and produce it on demand is a huge benefit. And producing these tools from lightweight thermoplastics instead of metal makes them much easier to use and more cost-effective to produce”, he further added.

TechSci Research depicts that with increasing investment on research & development by the companies involved in manufacturing 3D printers coupled with growing adoption of 3D printers in various end user industries for manufacturing process is driving the demand of 3D printers. In addition, this would help the company to increase its market share globally.

With increasing adoption of personal as well as industrial & metal 3D printers, growing investment on research & development by the companies involved in manufacturing 3D printers coupled with increasing government support is driving the demand of 3D printers across globe. United States, Germany, Netherland, Russia, etc. are the major countries using 3D printers for various applications including automotive, packaging, consumer electronics, etc.

According to the recent report published by TechSci Research, Global 3D Printers Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2020”, global 3D printers market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of over 31% through 2020. Increasing adoption within manufacturing industries, decreasing average selling prices and government support are the key factors driving 3D printers market globally. Besides manufacturing industries, educational institutes, and research agencies such as NASA are also adopting 3D printers for various R&D activities.

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