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Honda patented Augmented Reality Head up display

Japan: Japanese carmaker, Honda, has lodged two patent for Augmented Reality Head-up display in its future car, the technology well known to be used in Fighter planes. The technology named as superman vision could impart x-ray vision for sensing obstacles and potential pedestrian hazards.

The first patent befits head up system which will display the position of pedestrians hidden behind obstruction to the chauffeur’s view. The head-up display visible on windshield will show-up the shape or figure of the obstructing object. Sensors placed around the vehicle will identify pedestrian within the danger zone around the vehicle, displaying their location for the driver to slow down  

The second patent coalesce with the augmented reality display to enable chauffeur to detect if a car further up the road has braked suddenly. In its facet, a halted car would communicate with cars down the road to alert the driver to slow down.   

TechSci Research depicts that Augmented Reality market is one of the fastest growing market across the globe. With new technology patented by automobile company, the needless death would become remnant of the past. The carmakers are now introducing pre-emptively brake system which stops car before hitting an object or pedestrian, using augmented reality, to prevent thousands of deaths occur due to accident.

According to released report by TechSci Research “United States Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020”, the market for augmented reality and virtual reality in the United States is projected to grow at a CAGR over 37% during 2015-2020. Growing adoption in automotive, pico-projectors, and gaming & entertainment industries, for display of information, along with facilitation of real-time human interaction with objects and digital devices, are anticipated to be the major growth drivers for United States augmented reality & virtual reality market over the next five years. The market is segmented into Head-Mounted Display (HMD) products, Head-Up Display (HUD) products, smart glasses, and handheld device applications, wherein HMD products held the largest revenue share in 2014. United States augmented reality & virtual reality market is majorly dominated by BAE Systems, Thales Defense and Security, Inc., and Rockwell Collins, Inc. 

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