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Godrej Group hopes to become USD10 billion entity by 2020

India: Indian conglomerate, Godrej Group, aims to achieve USD10 Billion by accelerating growth and multiply their size 2.5 times in the coming years. Company plans to acquire the small and medium business in emerging markets so as to achieve their targeted goal.

Godrej Group is diversified into various sectors such as consumer goods, real estate, electrical appliances and agriculture products. The company’s vision aims to achieve 10 times the size of the company’s turnover of 2010. The company is expecting to grow at a CAGR of 26 percent in the coming four years with an objective of 10 by 10, which is ten times growth in 10 years. In the last six months, the company has made four acquisition clearly depicting the company’s strategy to achieve its 2020 vision.

According to TechSci Research, in order to achieve their target, Godrej Group should strive for acquisition in both domestic and foreign markets. Company should aim to acquire businesses in emerging economies. Apart from acquisitions, the company should start new businesses as well which will further the company to grow and ultimately, will help in achieving the target. 

Company should target those areas which are untouched by their competitor’s and have demand in domestic and international markets. The company should also expand their brand portfolio so as to enlarge their customer. The company should downsize products from its existing product portfolio in order to achieve their targeted vision.

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