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Goodyear added Three Off Road Tires to its Scraper Line

United States: Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company introduced three new tires for construction, mining/earthmover applications in American market. The newly launched tires, namely, RT-3A (E-3), RT-3A+ (E-3+) and RL-3J (E-3) tires are designed for the low end use operation costs.

As per Goodyear Marketing Manager, Evan Perrow, the launch of Goodyear RT-3A (E-3), RT-3A+ (E-3+) and RL-3J (E-3), have completed the scraper tire range of the company. Also, the RT-3A+ (E-3+) and RT-3A (E-3) tires are deployed with an advance tread pattern to offer enhanced traction in all underfoot conditions across the nation.

The newly launched tires are featured with cool running, radial construction design; an advance tread pattern; a unique, geometric lug structure for long tread life, enhanced mobility; self-cleaning lugs to resist sidewall cutting.

The RT-3A (E-3) is available in 33.25R29 size, the RT-3A+ (E-3+) is available in 40.5/75R39 size, whereas, the RL-3J (E-3) is available in 37.25R35 size in the market.

Evan Perrow claimed that, with the enlargement of the company’s product portfolio, Goodyear is likely to invest in the expansion of its distribution network for easy access of its branded tires and its services.

According to a recent report published by TechSci Research, United States Tyre Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2020” with the production of over 11.66 million vehicles in 2015, the automobile market of the country ranked the second largest market across the world. This huge production figure of the country’s automobile sector has significantly contributed to the demand for tires in the entire United States.

As per TechSci Research, during 2015, Goodyear was not only the prominent player in the United States, but also held a worthy position in the country’s tire market. By catering to the demand of the largest vehicle segment in the country, i.e. passenger cars, the company is   now targeting other vehicle segments in the US. By launching varied tire sizes for the OTR vehicle segment of the country, the company is likely to expand its share in the United States tire market in coming years. 

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