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Goodyear Dunlop Introduces New Range of Truck Tires

Luxembourg: Goodyear Dunlop is planning to launch a new range of truck tires better all road performance. The new range of tires, under the brand name Dunlop, would comprise of the SP346 steer tire, SP446 drive tire and SP246 trailer tire. Besides that, the newly introduced tires would offer a 10% higher mileage and improved fuel economy, as compared to their predecessors (Dunlop SP344 tire, SP444 tire and SP244 tire), along with the running in winter weather. The new range of Dunlop tires would be used in for long haul and regional haul applications during the summer as well as winter weather conditions.

The premium range of Dunlop truck tires, targets all the fleet operators working in sectors, which require road haulage, while offering, 10% higher mileage and better fuel consumption for varied long haul purposes. Moreover, the new Dunlop tire range also offers an advance mobility in winter road conditions.

As per Michel Rzonzef, Vice President Commercial Business Goodyear Europe MEA (Middle, East and Africa), “The new Dunlop range offers high mileage, low fuel consumption and winter capabilities in long haul and regional haul operations like never before”. “These tyres offer peace of mind for fleets which need tyres that offer a balance of good mileage and low fuel consumption to ensure low Total Cost of Ownership from their tyre investments. An additional bonus is the winter performance that can prevent trucks being caught out by unpredictable winter conditions. The SP346, SP446 and SP246 are ready for whatever’s ahead.”

According to a recent report published by TechSci Research, “Luxembourg Tire Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2021”, the country is one of the stable economies in entire Europe and is largely benefitted from proximity to neighbouring nations such as France, Germany and Belgium. Backed by reviving economic fundamentals, stable business environment and low interest rates, the automotive industry of Luxembourg is anticipated to grow in coming years, which in turn, would boost the demand for tires across the country by 2021.

As per TechSci Research, the move to launch new truck tires by Goodyear across the country, is expected to increase the company’s presence not only in Luxembourg, but all over the Europe. Moreover, this would widen the company’s market share in the commercial vehicle tire segment of the country, in coming years, as well. 

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