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US-based EMC enters the race to fulfil the development of smart cities in India

India: US-based cloud computing, IT security and data storage company, EMC is also entering the race of developing smart cities in India by proposing its services and solutions across state and central governments of the country.

According to the President of EMC India and Saarc, Rajesh Janey, the company has finished a health project for Telengana to fulfil the production of smart hospitals and deliver real time facts to the government in the country. He also stated that the company is in talks with the governments for offering various software and hardware for the further development of these smart cities.

With over 5,000 employees and large number offices in India, EMC has developed a division related to smart cities through which it will be delivering its services for assembling the information from police, health services, power infrastructure, transport, etc. which will make the interface between the citizens and service seekers much easier.

The Director and CTO at EMC California, Rob Silverberg stated that the company is in talks with various towns and cities in the US to implement their offerings as it will aid the officials of the cities to perform their job more effectively. Further, the company has also merged with Dell for USD67 million in October 2015 to strive in the smart cities business as it is considered to be the world of tomorrow. Janey also stated that the basic module being presented by the company was developed by the software engineers of Bangalore.

TechSci Research depicts that these smart cities projects of the company will help in strengthening the crime tackling, traffic policing, etc. through the video monitoring of the data being collected by the company.

TechSci Research, a consulting and market research firm published a recent report, “Market Study on Upcoming Smart Cities in India, 2015”, the smart cities project in India would involve overall investments in tune of USD2 trillion for development of trunk and internal infrastructure in 100 cities planned under the project. Budget allocation towards the smart cities program stood at around USD1.2 billion for 2014-15. Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Kerala are few of the states where maximum number of smart cities would be developed in coming years. Moreover, a number of smart cities are expected to be developed with foreign assistance on Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. Few of the major companies such as Cisco, IBM, 3M, EMC, GE, Honeywell, Otis, Timten, Louis Berger etc., have already announced intentions to invest in smart cities in the country.

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