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TechSci Research analyzes Branding as Perception over Profitability Activity

 The thin line of demarcation between sales and branding has been crossed by the current league of brand managers and strategy planners.

According to a recently published research paper, “OverPowering Common Brand Problems – Whitepaper” by TechSci Research, ever-changing competitive marketing environment has changed the fundamental principle related to branding in recent years. The thought-based activity of creating a perception in the mindset of target audience has been undermined by quarter-over-quarter revenue figures and profit pressure.

In the opinion of Karan Chechi (Director) at TechSci Research, “the core issue of brand has been overshadowed by the increasing focus on top line and bottom line growth. In the current marketing environment, especially in western markets, branding decisions have emerged as Ego-centric issues rather than being solved through an analysis-driven approach. As soon as the merger and acquisition process is over, the focus of new management shifts on forcing their own brand name on the acquired company’s products, despite the fact the acquired company’s brand name has higher awareness and positive association. The fine line between sales and branding has been crossed by the current league of brand mangers and strategy planners in order to meet their eagerness in overpowering competitive brands in the market.”

The research paper “OverPowering Common Brand Problems – Whitepaper” by TechSci Research, analyzes top 27 common problems related to branding faced by individuals and organisation in today competitive marketing environment. Issues like brand positioning, poor marketing decisions, and brand extension have been critically analyzed and discussed. A series of in-depth qualitative interviews with more than 30 Brand Managers of Fortune 500 companies were conducted, followed by desk research to collate the insights and analyze these issues.

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