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India Bitumen Market to be dominated by utilization of bitumen in manufacturing of adhesives through 2028.

According to TechSci Research report, India Bitumen Market –Industry Size, Share, Trends, Competition, Opportunity and Forecast, 2018-2028”, the India Bitumen Market is anticipated to register a high CAGR during the forecast period. This can be ascribed to collaborations and partnerships among leading companies with a diverse approach to merge the expertise of individual companies and to strengthen their position in the market.

In recent times, the utilization of bitumen as a key ingredient in adhesive manufacturing has emerged as a significant driver of the Indian bitumen market. Adhesives formulated with bitumen offer exceptional bonding capabilities, durability, and resistance to extreme temperatures.

 These qualities make bitumen-based adhesives suitable for a wide range of applications, including construction, packaging, automotive, and textiles. With rapid urbanization and industrial expansion in India, there is a growing demand for adhesives that can withstand the challenges of urban environments. Bitumen-based adhesives excel in these conditions due to their resistance to water, chemicals, and temperature fluctuations, making them invaluable for long-lasting and secure bonds in construction projects. Moreover, they also contribute to energy-efficient buildings with effective insulation systems.

By capitalizing on these opportunities and addressing challenges, India's bitumen market can continue to thrive while advancing adhesive technology and the country's industrial landscape. The adhesive industry has harnessed bitumen's inherent tackiness and cohesive properties to create formulations that adhere well to diverse substrates, including metals, concrete, wood, and plastics. This versatility has opened doors to diverse applications, further driving the demand for bitumen in the Indian market. The Indian government, acknowledging the significance of this sector, has implemented proactive measures and initiatives to support bitumen production, catalyzing progress in the industry.

The National Highway Development Project, introduced by the Indian government, has played a pivotal role in expediting road infrastructure expansion nationwide. As bitumen serves as a fundamental material for road construction, this initiative has considerably heightened the demand for bitumen in India. The government's unwavering commitment to developing an extensive network of highways has established a stable market for bitumen producers, fostering investment and growth within the sector. Government investments in large-scale infrastructure projects, including smart cities, industrial corridors, and urban redevelopment, have contributed to a surge in the demand for bitumen. The increased focus on upgrading transportation, sewage, and water supply systems has generated higher requirements for bitumen-based products, further propelling the market. Under the Smart Cities Mission, the government places emphasis on the development of urban infrastructure with a focus on sustainability and technology integration.

This initiative has resulted in the incorporation of innovative bitumen products, such as polymer-modified bitumen and warm mix asphalt, which offer enhanced durability and reduced environmental impact. The promotion of these advanced products aligns with the government's vision of creating modern and sustainable cities. Recognizing the environmental challenges posed by bitumen production and usage, the government has encouraged the adoption of eco-friendly practices. Initiatives such as promoting the use of warm mix asphalt (WMA), which requires lower temperatures and energy consumption during production, align with India's commitment to sustainability. The bitumen market in India extends beyond national borders as international collaborations play a vital role in sharing knowledge, expertise, and technologies across geographical boundaries. Collaborating with global industry leaders allows India to gain insights into best practices, emerging trends, and advanced technologies, thereby propelling the bitumen industry forward. A notable collaboration in the field of bitumen involves Aduro Clean Technologies and Prospera Energy, who have partnered to advance a pilot plant project for the partial upgrading of bitumen. This collaboration aims to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of bitumen production. Additionally, Kraton and the Asphalt Pavement Net-Zero Initiative have formed a significant collaboration. Kraton, renowned for its pioneering work in bitumen modification, is collaborating to improve asphalt performance, processability, and supply reliability. In another development, SteelPhalt, a Harsco Environmental company, has introduced SteelSurf ECO+, an asphalt product that reduces the carbon footprint by utilizing kraft.

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However, fluctuations in prices of crude oil and growing concerns for human health are expected to slow down the growth of the market in the coming years.

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The India Bitumen Market segmentation is based on Product Type, Viscosity Grade, Application, By Company, and Region.

Some of the major companies operating in the India Bitumen Market include:

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL)

Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)

Total SA

Tiki Tar Industries India Ltd.

Agarwal Industrial Corporation Ltd.

Juno Bitumix Pvt. Ltd.

Universal Bituminous Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Swastik Tar Industries

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“Certain regions, particularly the North India , are projected to exert significant demand for bitumen in India. The growth in the competitive landscape and the presence of well-established companies in the market, committed to enhancing their bitumen productivity each year, are expected to contribute to a remarkable growth of the India Bitumen Market in the forecast period," said Mr. Karan Chechi, Research Director with TechSci Research, a research-based Global management consulting firm.

India Bitumen Market By Product Type (Paving, Penetration, Oxidized/Blown, Cutback, Emulsion, and Polymer Modified Binders), By Viscosity Grade (VG10, VG30, VG40 and Others), By Application (Roadways, Waterproofing, Adhesives, Insulation, and Others), By Region, Competition, Forecast and Opportunities, 2018-2028F has evaluated the future growth potential of India Bitumen Market and provides statistics & information on market size, structure, and future market growth. The report intends to provide innovative market intelligence and help decision makers take sound investment decisions. Besides, the report also identifies and analyzes the emerging trends along with essential drivers, challenges, and opportunities in India Bitumen Market.


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