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Brain Print, upcoming biometric technology for higher security access

United States: Researcher of Binghamton University is working on a new biometric technology -brain print; which is more accurate and is highly secure.

Human brain reacts differently while looking at various images; making this attribute as the base of the research; Binghamton University conducted an experiment on 50 people to record their brain activity. These people were asked to wear electroencephalogram headset and had looked to 500 images shown to them.

The researcher recorded the participant brain reaction and recorded in a computer system. Afterward, each participant was identified on the basis of brain print and with 100 percent accuracy.

The technology is in the development stage and is not yet commercialized in the market.

TechSci Research depicts that the research and development in the biometric market will advance the identification and authentication process. This advanced biometric technology is applicable to high security areas such as air force defense labs where there are less number of people to enter the authorized area.

A global market research and consulting firm, TechSci Research has recently published report, “Global Biometrics Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2020”, the market for biometric authentication systems is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 14% till 2020. The driving forces for this highly competitive market will be increasing security needs, government projects and constant development in technology. In 2014, government projects accounted for about 13% share in global biometric authentication systems market. In addition, biometric systems are gaining attraction in the residential sector as a result of which the market for these systems is estimated to grow significantly. Due to high initial investment and fulltime R&D costs, which are two major entry barriers restricting entry of new players into the biometrics market, well established players face negligible threat from new entrants. However, competition among existing players is intensifying, with each trying to gain a greater share. Proven credibility of biometric products and competitive pricing have diminished the threat of substitutes, and with small as well as established players offering biometric products in the market, competitive rivalry is set to intensify further.

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