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India's economy grew at an impressive 8.2% in the first quarter of 2018-19 financial year ending June 30 on the back of a strong core performance and a healthy base. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) ranks India among the top 5 fastest growing major economies of the world. Indian consumer markets – broadly bifurcated as rural and urban – are driving the country’s economy in a big way. India’s nominal year-over-year expenditure growth of 12% is more than double the anticipated global rate of 5%. In India, the consumer market stands at about $1.53 trillion and the rate at which it is growing, the country’s consumer market is en route to reach $4.0 trillion by 2025, making India the 3rd largest consumer market in the world. As the Indian market undergoes a paradigm shift due to India’s rapid economic growth and favorable demographics, it has also become a market impossible to dismiss.


Key Topics

  • Rising affluence and its impact on consumer spending.
  • Continuing urbanization and its influence on consumer attitude.
  • Shifting family structures and the effect it has on consumer behavior.
  • Evolving spending patterns.
  • Growing e-commerce industry and the impact it has on consumer spends.
  • The effects of consumer spending on India’s GDP.

Who Should Attend ?

  • Lenders/Private Equity/Venture Capitalists
  • Investors & Financial Institutions
  • Lifestyle & Fashion Brands
  • Lifestyle and Concierge Services Asset Managers
  • PR/Sales & Marketing Companies
  • Management Company Executives & Consultants
  • Press
  • Bloggers
Why should you attend ?

This is an extraordinary event that provides unparalleled opportunities for professional development, relationship building and “mind sharing”.

Unique Interactive Educational Experiences

Educational tracks and sessions that are geared to a variety of the latest developments in the changing consumer spending patterns in India in a non-commercial atmosphere.

Exceptional Networking Opportunities

Presenters and conference delegates include world-renowned industry leaders. So you can meet specifically with the top subject matter experts and industry executives.

Insight into the Future of our Industry

TechSci Research will be providing insight into what is to be expected in the Indian Consumer Market this year and beyond.

Opportunity to Ask the Experts

This is your chance to speak with many sought after individuals in person to discuss your questions, challenges and ideas specific to our industry.


Shri Sujeet Samaddar


Rachit Jain

Head of Industry
Retail, Government & Education
Google India

Sai Narayan

Head Marketing
Policybazaar.com and

Shantanu Prakash

Vice President
Head Marketing
Future Brands

Sabina Kamal

Chief Operating Officer
Mobiquest Technologies

Conference Agenda
06:00 PM – 06:45 PM Registration
06:45 PM – 06:55 PM Welcome Speech by Mr. Karan Chechi, Research Director,
TechSci Research Pvt. Ltd.
07:00 PM – 07:15 PM Key Note Speaker - Shri Sujeet Samaddar, NITI Ayog
07:15 PM – 07:35 PM Report Launch & Presentation
Presentation on Changing spending patterns of Indian consumers White Paper release of India Consumer Lifestyle Trends 2018 by
Ms. Pooja Shrivastava, Vice-President, TechSci Research
07:35 PM – 08:10 PM Panel Discussion on the challenges being faced by companies to vet the appetite of changing consumer's lifestyle. The discussion will focus on unique behavioral trends, attitudes & spending pattern of consumers in India.
The panel discussion will include topics such as trends on household disposable income and consumer expenditure.
Q&A Session
Moderator : Mr. Mahesh Bendre, Vice-President, TechSci Research

  »  Mr. Rachit Jain, Head of Industry – Retail, Government & Education     Google India
  »   Mr. Shantanu Prakash, VP, Future Brands
  »   Mr. Sai Narayan, Marketing Head, Policy Bazaar
  »   Ms. Sabina Kamal , COO, MobiQuest Technologies
08:10 PM – 08:25 PM Presentation by Mr. Alwin Samuel, Vice-President, TechSci Research on “Crucial Consumer Research Trends in 2019’’
08:25 PM – 08:30 PM Thank You Note by Karan Chechi, Research Director,
TechSci Research Pvt. Ltd.
08:30 PM Onwards Cocktail & Dinner
  Pooja Shrivastava
    Vice President
    T : +91 9999834874 , E : queries@techscir.com
  Priyanka Anand
    Consultant- Business Development
    T : +91 9354319708, E : queries@techscir.com
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